About us

                       Welcome to Namaste organics, we lovingly infuse and craft Shea body butter, African black soaps, oils, scrubs, Aloe vera, and body polish in order to lovingly protect and restore your skin to its natural and healthy state. We make products that rehydrate , restore and repair your skin thereby giving you younger looking skin forever.

Our product line is proudly Nigerian and is a natural product line. We take all the goodness of the oils nature gives us and combine it with pure plant botanical essential oils to create amazing products that your skin will love, without using chemical additives and preservatives 

Our History

We are Namaste Organics and we are a proudly Nigerian Organic skin and hair care company.

Namaste Organics is founded and based in lagos nigeria. Our company was found in 2010 but we have a history of making natural products that goes back as far back as 13years. My first experience of crafting organic skincare products was watching my grandmother make Shea body butter with camphor oil in order to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. In her wise and gentle way she explained that there were no symptoms or skin conditions that couldn’t be cured with Shea butter and Coconut oil. From then on i was hooked unto Shea butter and its benefits. That day was a turning point, with plenty of research i started to make my own Shea Butter and Coconut oil based organic home grown skin and hair care products and go the love of skincare and bodycare was born.

What we do

We lovely craft our skin and hair care products to appeal today’s discerning customer, a customer that wants to use as little chemicals as possible in order to bring out the best in their skin and hair with as little fuss as possible.

as we always say, we take all the goodness that nature gives us and lovingly craft skin and haircare products that would keep you looking younger and fresher the way God intended it.

Our ethos-

We want to create sustainable development and wealth for our local producers, we keep our carbon footprints as short as possible...

Sustainable growth

We source most of all our ingredients locally in order to support local businesses, traders and manufacturers.We believe in sustainable growth and development to ensure the freshness and longevity of our products.

thank you.